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   LOT                                     DESCRIPTION




  1. An oak tantalus with three decanters.
  2. Two decorative table lamps.
  3. A silver plated samovar.
  4. An antique copper spirit kettle and stand.
  5. A brass oil lamp.
  6. A bag of costume jewellery.
  7. A bag of costume jewellery.
  8. A brass framed cheval mirror.
  9. A box of bric-a-brac.
  10. A box of bric-a-brac.
  11. A box of bric-a-brac.
  12. Six prints of tigers.
  13. A Beswick china dog.
  14. A china tiger.
  15. Three Russian china tigers.
  16. A miniature longcase clock.
  17. A box of china animals etc.
  18. A collection of brassware items.
  19. Two Royal Worcester china ‘Flatmates’ figures.
  20. A box of bric-a-brac.
  21. A small collection of old postcards.
  22. An Art Nouveau 9ct gold pendant.
  23. An 18ct gold ring set with an aquamarine and diamonds.
  24. A pair of 18ct white gold old cut diamond earrings. 0.53cts.
  25. A 9ct gold dress ring set with blue and white stones.
  26. Three coral necklaces.
  27. A Noritake china vase.
  28. Two small prayer books.
  29. A ‘Country Roses’ china telephone.
  30. A large collection of Royal Albert ‘Country Roses’ china.
  31. A canteen of epns cutlery.
  32. A 1960’s B.O.C. soda siphon and sparklets.
  33. A box of old lighters etc.
  34. Two antique sovereign holders. One silver and a Denison gilt metal example.
  35. A ‘Pratt’s’ petrol can.
  36. An old postcard album including an autograph postcard Dan and Doris Archer.
  37. Two canteens of cutlery.
  38. A collection of motor mechanic’s tools.
  39. A box of bric-a-brac.
  40. A box of bric-a-brac.
  41. A box of bric-a-brac.
  42. A brass oil lamp and shade.
  43. A set of cased laboratory scales and weights.
  44. Six Bosson’s plaster heads.
  45. Seven Bosson’s plaster heads.
  46. Six Bosson’s plaster heads.
  47. A box of bric-a-brac.
  48. Two oak mantel clocks.
  49. A box of bric-a-brac.
  50. Two Sowerby blue glass dishes.
  51. A Royal Worcester porcelain cup, saucer and plate a/f.
  52. Tin plate toy – A Melbourne city circle tram by Knox and Floyd. Mint, boxed.
  53. An antique glass ‘frigger’ in the form of an orange and white glass pipe.
  54. A mounted set of fallow deer antlers.
  55. A mounted set of fallow deer antlers.
  56. An antique tea caddy and two needlework boxes.
  57. A collection of brassware items.
  58.  A box of bric-a-brac.
  59. An antique champlevé enamel pen box with gilt interior.
  60. A large Japanese blue and white china charger.
  61. A pair of decorative Edwardian china vases.
  62. A collection of nine cheese dishes and covers.
  63. A box of bric-a-brac.
  64. A collection of salt glazed stoneware jars.
  65. A box of bric-a-brac.
  66. James Stinton – a pair of watercolour drawings of pheasants.
  67. An Australian didgeridoo.
  68. Two Crown Devon china jardinieres.
  69. Miki D – Singapore artist – a Chinese watercolour drawing. Signed.
  70. A box of bric-a-brac.
  71. A pair of framed Chinese watercolour drawings.
  72. Bubutsa – South African artist – two pen and ink drawings. Signed.
  73. A box of bric-a-brac.
  74. A box of bric-a-brac.
  75. A box of bric-a-brac.
  76. A box of bric-a-brac.
  77. A box of bric-a-brac.
  78. A box of bric-a-brac.
  79. An oak plant stand.
  80. A large framed oil landscape painting.
  81. A large framed oil painting of a springer spaniel and a pointer.
  82. A framed oil painting of an engagement between a British and a French ‘man o’ war’.
  83. A large Japanese imari charger.
  84. A set of silver cocktail sticks and a set of table place markers.
  85. Four decorative china jugs.
  86. Three pieces of Crown Devon china.
  87. A wrought iron standard lamp.
  88. A collection of German pottery steins.
  89. A collection of cranberry glass items.
  90. A box of old books.
  91. A box of bric-a-brac.
  92. A large plaster bust of David.
  93. Five Royal Doulton china character jugs.
  94. A collection of china character jugs.
  95. A ‘Leonardo’ figure of a fairy.
  96. A pair of small silver goblets.
  97. A small box of bric-a-brac.
  98. A box of fairies etc.
  99. A china head of a Roman soldier.
  100. A china head of Nefertiti.
  101. A decorative china pedestal with cherub and matching bowl.
  102. A decorative china table lamp and china lamp stand.
  103. Four Wilkinson Sword fencing foils.
  104. A collection of Hornby train accessories.
  105. An antique copper hunting horn.
  106. A box of cut glass items.
  107. A box of ‘interesting’ bits.
  108. A box of old tools.
  109. Cartonnage – a 1920’s cardboard chocolate box.
  110. A bronze plaque of Christ on an oak mount.
  111. Militaria – Queen Mary’s gift box and a collection of WW1 medallions etc.
  112. Rolls Royce – an early Bakelite trinket box with red RR logo.
  113. Four American car number plates. Colorado 1960, Missouri 1970, Ocean State 1985 and Hawaii 1981.
  114. Enamelled sign – an enamel sign from London underground station Roding Valley, Epping Forest.
  115. An antique French enamelled, cast iron coal box.
  116. A box of decorative china.
  117. A brass log box etc.
  118. An oak framed Art Nouveau mirror.
  119. A small oak framed table mirror.
  120. Cardyll Withington – A watercolour drawing of a beagle.
  121. Joanne Hawkeshorne – A watercolour drawing ‘Mountain Path’.
  122. A mahogany cased Vienna regulator wall clock with two weights.
  123. Five decorative china jugs.
  124. Clarice Cliff – a ‘Bizarre’ posy bowl and posy holder.
  125. A collection of perfume bottles.
  126. A mahogany wine table.
  127. An antique carved oak spinning chair.
  128. A mahogany cased Vienna wall clock.
  129. An antique postman’s alarm clock.
  130. A collection of old cameras.
  131. An antique oak cutlery tray.
  132. An antique Belgian slate mantel clock.
  133. An Art Nouveau embossed lidded copper jug.
  134. A Bakelite barometer.
  135. An old copper ship’s lamp.
  136. Two sets of horse brasses.
  137. An antique mahogany torchere.
  138. An oak and cane foot stool.
  139. An old oak stool.
  140. An inlaid mahogany coffee table.
  141. A mahogany wine table.
  142. Brian Tovey – a gilt framed oil painting ‘Lapworth’ signed, 28x36ins.
  143. A collection of antique watercolour drawings.
  144. A collection of antique watercolour drawings.
  145. H.Montague – a framed watercolour drawing ‘Continental Street Scene’.
  146. Kevin Hunt – a watercolour drawing of a terrier puppy.
  147. An antique watercolour drawing ‘Arley Castle’.
  148. A gilt framed oil on canvas ‘Figures on a Bridge’.
  149. A gilt framed oil on canvas ‘Highland Scene’.
  150. Three leather bound folio volumes’ The Imperial Works of Shakspere’ . Compiler Charles Knight, Publisher J.S.Virtue.
  151. A pair of electrified antique brass oil lamps.
  152. An antique walnut framed mirror.
  153. An antique cast metal, garden jardinière and stand.
  154. A Myott Art Deco china basket bowl.
  155. A 1950’s vanity case.
  156. A box of bric-a-brac.
  157. A box of bric-a-brac.
  158. An antique German violin, bows and case.
  159. An antique tin trunk and an old suitcase.
  160. A barograph and charts.
  161. An antique Japanese wooden Kobi doll, dice shaker.
  162. An antique terra cotta bust of Beethoven.
  163. A Tiffany style table lamp.
  164. A box of old Meccano pieces.
  165. Four decorative watercolour drawings.
  166. An Ercol style rocking chair.
  167. An antique 9ct gold bracelet set with garnets and diamonds.
  168. A bag of costume jewellery.
  169. A ‘Timor’ presentation wristwatch.
  170. A collection of Aston Villa and Birmingham City football programmes.
  171. A box of bric-a-brac.
  172. A 9ct gold dress ring and two necklaces.
  173. Royal Worcester china dinner service ‘Coventry’.
  174. A box of bric-a-brac.
  175. A box of bric-a-brac.
  176. An enamel bread bin and contents.
  177. A wicker basket and cutlery.
  178. A mahogany nest of three tables.
  179. A mahogany dumb waiter.
  180. A decorative folding screen.
  181. A collection of pewter and epns items.
  182. A box of Hornsea china tableware.
  183. An antique brass carriage clock.
  184. Royal Doulton china figure ‘Autumn Breezes’.
  185. Two Hummell china figures.
  186. A pair of antique opera glases.
  187. A box of Will’s dominoes and playing cards.
  188. An Art Deco silver four piece tea set. B’ham 1924, maker A.P.40oz approx.
  189. A miniature silver tea set.
  190. A silver vase, mug and dish.
  191. An epns toast rack.
  192. A box of cut glass items.
  193. Two antique stools.
  194. An antique salt glazed tobacco jar cum candlestick.
  195. Taxidermy – a cased albino weasel.
  196. A box of ‘interesting’ bits.
  197. An antique silver vesta case.
  198. A bag of ‘interesting’ bits.
  199. A UHR Kraft Group chronograph wrist watch.
  200. A Cauny Prima wristwatch.
  201. A Monte chronograph wrist watch.
  202. A Breil chronometer wrist watch.
  203. A Tiffany silver pocket watch.
  204. A silver pocket watch chronograph.
  205. A Jaeger le Coultre pocket watch conversion.
  206. A French one stop chronograph wrist watch.
  207. An Omega pocket watch conversion.
  208. A Dubois pocket watch.
  209. A Breitling watch retail display cabinet.
  210. An antique tea caddy.
  211. A bag of old coins.
  212. An antique Malacca walking stick.
  213. A silver cigarette case.
  214. A boxed pair of silver napkin rings.
  215. A silver vesta case.
  216. A bag of silver necklaces etc.
  217. A bag of costume jewellery.
  218. A collection of Beswick china horses.
  219. A collection of WW11 uniforms and caps.
  220. A WW11 leather flying helmet and a Japanese helmet.
  221. An old walking stick.
  222. A Chad Valley teddy bear and two toy rabbits.
  223. A barley twist oak plant stand.
  224. An oak coffee table.
  225. An antique mahogany tea caddy.
  226. An antique mahogany writing box.
  227. An antique miner’s lamp, Ackroyd & Best, Leeds.
  228. An antique brass carriage clock.
  229. A Royal Worcester porcelain monk candle snuffer.
  230. A set of postal scales and weights.
  231. James Stinton - A pair of watercolour drawings of pheasants.
  232. A box of bric-a-brac.
  233. An antique sword stick.
  234. A brass maslin pan and a collection of brassware items.
  235. Three antique copper kettles.
  236. A collection of old postcards.
  237. A dome top perfume box.
  238. A silver lidded jug, inkwell and dish.
  239. A box of epns items.
  240. A bag of costume jewellery.
  241. A box of bric-a-brac.
  242. A bargee painted water can and saucepan. Artist – Frank Nurser.
  243. Two 9ct gold pendants and earrings etc.
  244. An antique ruby glass vase and clear glass drops.
  245. A carved oak log box.
  246. An antique English, drop dial wall clock with fuse movement.
  247. An antique postman’s alarm clock.
  248. An antique ebony cased Vienna single weight regulator wall clock.
  249. A military aldis lamp.
  250. A navigational compass from a Lancaster bomber.
  251. A Seiko chronograph wrist watch.
  252. An antique blue and white china dish and Staffordshire jug.
  253. A silver plated mug and jug.