Raising money by auction for charitable institutions

One of the best ways to raise instant income for charities is to organise an auction of donated items and/or promises. Carter's Auctioneers have been involved in many such events and have found that this is an exciting and rewarding way of raising essential funds for the charity of your choice. We provide expert advice on how to organise an auction and on the day provide our leading auctioneer and head porter who not only add an element of professionalism but an element of entertainment.

It is in your interest that we wrest every available pound from the wallets of every person attending these auctions. In our experience these events have proved highly enjoyable. Bidders not only delve deep into their pockets in support of the event but also go away having been entertained.

Please contact us for an information pack.

Broadwas-on-Teme Worcester. 11/11/06
The aim was to raise 2000 for traffic calming lights through the village.

Total raised through donations of antiques, bric-a-brac and promises at auction was 3050.

"Thanks to Carter's Auctioneers we were able to raise more than enough money to acheive our objective and make this village a safer place. The sale was not only entertaining but financially rewarding." Kenneth Barham.

Whittington Inn, Nr Kidderminster. Nov 2007

RSPCA: Total raised 1800

Dodford primary School Ball

Bromsgrove Hotel. Nov 2007

Total raised : 4000